– hiya guys, this is Nate Storey with BrightAgrotech and at present we will do a fast video on HVAC and what it manner to indoorgrowers. HVAC is heating, air flow, and air-con. What it describes is the systems that takeindoor air circulate it around, deal with it, and both cool it down, warmth it up, or dehumidifyit. Most growers use HVAC someway shape orform. Especially as you get increasingly intensive,HVAC becomes increasingly relevant to the success of your operation.If you are doing an extraordinarily very small setup, youmay get away without utilizing HVAC, however the larger you get, once you start doing CO2 supplementation,whenever you start to truly dehumidify your air particularly aggressively or cool your air becauseyou’ve acquired so many lights. HVAC turns into a important a part of your operation. HVAC is an highly-priced cap ex and it can bea relatively cost operating rate as good. HVAC shouldn’t be low priced certainly as we get moreand extra intensive as we cram extra plants into less area we’ve got extra problems with humidity. We now have more issues with mildew and fungi andall of the style of matters that happen once we just cram a lot of crops collectively.We even have so much much larger cooling costsfor most growing environments. That is just given that once you cram these plantstogether and particularly mild them up, you create various warmness that you just ought to maintain. You recognize, systems vary in satisfactory, and theyvary in fee. Finally they’ll be within a certainrange. Now the big difference in my intellect and in ourminds, is between traditional condenser centered air conditioner methods and water chillers. We tend to move extra toward water coolingthan air cooling. The motive that we do that’s, we like towater cool our lights.It gives us somewhat bit extra manipulate overthe developing environment and we now have determined that we can absolutely run a entire bunch of othertypes of gear on chilled water just a little bit less complicated, extra successfully as a grower,than we are able to with these giant cumbersome air-con techniques. One factor you need to thing about with HVACis your intent to scale and that is anything that you simply must be desirous about if you intendfor your farm to be loads better down the road, than i’d spend money on a higher qualitysystem that may be scaled over time. That you may buy some relatively small low priced options,however those are relatively best dependable or plausible on an awfully small scale so when you intend toget significant, if you wish to make cash, if you need to scale your facility, it’s worthputting apart a budget only for HVAC. Yeah there are plenty of approaches that you may reduceyour HVAC expenditures. The simplest means is to only relyon quite a lot of ventilation if you’re in an field where the air is most often cool sufficient thatyou can cool your facility with external air.Now that introduces all types of other problems,proper. Which you can bring in pests, it is an imperfectsolution on the grounds that normally it can be very scorching external and it can be very scorching inside, however ultimately youknow that’s by way of far the most affordable option to get a few of this work completed. Most people which are fairly critical that wantfine tuned and high phases of manage, have to go over to a industrial HVAC method. Those come to be rather more costly. Now how steeply-priced it is eventually dependson how giant the method is, so the greater the procedure is, the more cost-effective it will get on a per tonbasis. Additionally then the neighborhood installation bills andwe’ve observed these to be very variable throughout the U.S. And internationally. For most growers that you would be able to get into pretty reasonablesystems in case you have a moderately huge setup. One factor that we now have quite checked out is howwe take five and 7 ton chillers and use mixtures of 5 and 7 ton chillersscaled to cool very tremendous facilities effectively. If you have already got a process for heating andcooling, then you definitely sort of already have some stage of rudimentary HVAC.Now the query to ask yourself is whetheryou could get more out of it, if it was an HVAC system that was quite intent builtfor your facility. That implies intent built for air filtration,rationale built for dehumidification, cause constructed around the apparatus that you are walking. If in case you have so many lights for your atmosphere, what kind of BTU’s you are producing and you could measurement your HVAC process correctly. These are the sorts of matters that you reallyneed to be serious about. We find irresistible to do one of the HVAC ourselves orat least scale back the price of HVAC by way of utilizing water chillers to sit back our lights. We will do this typically all in residence andthat reduces our total HVAC fee drastically. Depending in your lighting variety and dependingon your main issue, those fees can be pretty darn high. Peculiarly once you get in to reason builtsystems. However, i would say that many of the timea intent built system is worth it.There are tons of resources available in the market on HVACif you want to gain knowledge of more. There are increasingly more and more of thesebecoming on hand. The first position i might go is to Upstart Universitywe’ve acquired a quality webinar up at Upstart university. I feel it is 10 bucks to entry the webinar. 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