Good, the units are in and i’mmeeting with the final manager of Johnson Controls, DonAlbinger, to get the down low, up high! Welcome, Don! Hello,Carrie! Thanks for assembly me upon the roof! Best, thank you! Ihope you’re no longer fearful of heights. I’m not! Ok good! Wellthe motive why I wanted you to come back meet me up here is becausewe just mounted our HVAC items and i wanted to investigate these out. But I desired you to inform me moreabout what these are going to do for all people inside? You wager! SoKeri what now we have here today are York rooftop units. And this isone of 5 one-of-a-kind items that providing the air conditioningfor the distance under. However reallywhat’s inside of this unit are contemporary controls, but thosecontrols which are on all these distinct models areinterconnected. We can get datato be shared across the entire distinct units with what’scalled a “clever building hub”. However that wise building huballows us to attach all knowledge through our phone telephones.That entire process is calledVerasys. I certainly want totalk more about that. However Donit’s a little loud up here. Solet’s go inside and speak some more. Nice concept let’s go! Let’sgo! Developing next on OfficeSpaces, Don suggests me learn how to control this complete constructing,all with the touch of button. (track.) (tune.) Don thank you so muchfor coming into the studio. Surely this is a littlebetter for us to have this conversation than up on theroof! Yup, and we made it downsafely! We did, yes we did! AndI’m very excited to talk about Versasys and it is benefits andhow it addresses issues for business house owners and executives.Acouple of matters. Number one isthat in an environment like this or different industrial buildingslike this you know owners are really enthusiastic about theproductivity of their humans inside of those constructions. Ofcourse, yeah. So you have got toalways hold the correct kind of relief so that persons areproductive. Number two isenergy. Having wild temperatureswings and differences in or over air con an area isjust a significant vigor waster. Andwhen you connect the gear in this Verasys technological know-how thatwe have with it’s developed control variety of science thatwe have within each air conditioner, which you can reallymaintain the operational aspects to an exactness that technologycouldn’t earlier than. And numberthree is reliability. The bestair conditioning method that fairly exists in these days is reallyone that you don’t even comprehend is operating! Precisely! It can be there. It’s here. Right, so homeowners arereally involved about name backs or provider calls that arejust needless seeing that the equipment shouldn’t be operatingto specification or the manipulate method isn’t working accurately. Above all in an environmentlike this.And within the studio andthe lights are on, the electronic gear in theediting room is buzzing away, correct? Yeah. And all of thatheat gain can provide lots of challenges for an HVAC systemperspective. And that’s reallythe improvement of where Verasys comes in considering that system isinterconnected, right, and it could keep in touch to each otherand make sure that this building here is constantly balancedproducing alleviation and productivity for the employees. And that’s so predominant. Sowhat makes Verasys truly exact in the market location? Yeah, acouple of things. Quantity onethat the modern day technological know-how set up in these rooftops, aswell as in our sensible constructing hubs is all “plug and play”.There is no programming. Quite? So all of these models getsplugged together, get put in to this centralized little hub,correct, and it all will get communicated without anyprogramming. And a third pointhere with making it particular is that each one of those airconditioners up on the roof all have anything known as “faultdetection and diagnostics”. Iffor some case in future years that a system is commencing tomaybe fail. Ok. Correct? And sothat the owner and or a contractor knows precisely what todo earlier than the system surely starts failing and you’ve got acatastrophic occasion.Being ableto do it ahead of time would rather keep some huge cash andproblems and plenty of rate, sure. Think the studio with ushere and all the lights and the gear and people hereand if the air con just gave out and we had rather of a72 measure environment, an 82 degree atmosphere in just amatter of minutes. If there’s apending quandary, that perhaps coming near this particularbuilding, they are able to see it reside and they are able to see it allaccumulated with the entire specific portions of equipmentthey can get here speedy to repair it speedy before it turns into a realproblem.Undoubtedly, responsetime is so most important. Precisely,so technologies like fault detection and diagnostics enablethem, that understanding, to the clever constructing hub to get rightto your telephone. Right, so as youcan see your situation of the unit not only before they happenbut additionally then enables a carrier contractor to position the rightparts on the truck the first time. I like that! So it’ssaving time, saving cash, making sure you are preemptivelytaking care of problems earlier than they occur. Exactly. That’sphenomenal. That is the worth ofall of this. Definitely! In factyou comprehend what we have, i will show you the sensible constructing hubin action. So Cari here is Mark’soffice and there we go. Andthere are the conditions that he has, so one can find that thesupplied temperature that is 60 degrees there. And here what’scalled the “circle of alleviation” from Mark’s administrative center and all that. We are able to go back and take a lookat the roof high unit up right here and all the one of a kind matters thatare working within that unit.Icould adjust the temperatures up and down all from the gadget! Icould exhibit you any fault detection form of things thatthe models are experiencing correct now which are none. You knowthis is building atmosphere, conditions of theequipment and of the space you are worried in right here, rightnow we’re in right here as well. Andshowing that everything is working accurately. So basicallyyou’re going to avert the hindrance of having one room that is reallyreally bloodless after which yet another room that is rather relatively hotand you can regulate these based on what that area desires. Correct! In view that definitely ifwe’re within the studio it get rather scorching with all of thelights. Proper! I have in no way seenanything like this. It can be prettycool! I find it irresistible. It’s greattechnology..