Hi Matt here with Uniweld merchandise.I’m excited to speak to you today a few brand new, groundbreaking product that is sure to make your job a whole lot less difficult. That is the EZ-flip Anti-Blowback Hose andwe’re going to position it to the scan correct now in the EZ-turn project! Connecting a service hose to an A/Csystem that is beneath stress is a trouble confronted by way of many of today’s HVACtechnicians. This is exceptionally authentic when working ona R410a approach that may have a head pressure up to 500 psi. Now we have created a demo stand to imitatethis excessive-stress. There’s a nitrogen tank setup torepresent a pressurized A/C approach. The tank is attached to this aluminumblock with 1/four" connections to symbolize the high part entry fittingsfor connecting a provider hose. This gauge indicates that the road ischarged with 500 psi. When connecting a usual hose nut tothe entry becoming, the valve core is depressed and the pressurefrom the process is released spraying harmful refrigerant straight ontothe technician’s hand and oftentimes causing finger burns.This extreme pressure pushesback on the nut and factors a big amount of friction between the threads, making the nut very difficult to completely seatagainst the access fitting and furnish unrestricted go with the flow. Many timespliers are required to show the nut and complete the seal. Mix this excessive pressure with an awkwardlylocated access fitting and you’ve got an actual headache on yourhands. Uniweld merchandise is proud to introduce the solution. When working underneath strain turn to theEZ- flip Anti-Blowback Hose. The EZ- flip fittinghas a thrust bearing to take the force of a enormously pressurized A/C system and cut down friction on the connection. Usingonly two fingers, i will easily tighten the hose nut and completely seat it to the entry fitting.When the EZ-turn hose is hooked up, the inner O-ring will seal in opposition to the access fitting and hinder refrigerant from spraying. As the valve core is depressed, allowingthe technician to charge the method with refrigerant, all of the friction is transferred to asmooth turning ring of chrome steel ball bearings. Thisallows the technician to connect the carrier hose to a pressurized process speedily and with little or no effort. When the EZ-flip hose is disconnected, the spring will close the internalcheck valve, stopping refrigerant spray, and preserving any refrigerant gift inthe hose. Regularly condensing items can be in strange positions and entry fittings can be tough to reach. The EZ-turn was developed with this inmind. The compact design permits it to arrive these tight spots and the deep square knurling and orangeand blue colour band allow for effortless fingertip manipulate.EZ-turn adaptors are also to be had. By using attaching the adaptor to any servicehose with a 1/four" connection you can become it into an EZ-flip hose. EZ-turn adaptors include both straight or 90 connections. The EZ-turn becoming was also engineered for on the job repairs. Over time the aggressive refrigerants and POE oils will deteriorate the rubber gasket and the O-rings and theywill have to get replaced. All inside materials are replaceable andcome in this rebuild package offered individually. The Rebuild package entails a Gasket, 2 O-rings, a square Seat, a Spring, and an Anti-Blowback Depressor. Utilizing snap ring pliers, get rid of the snap ring and slide off the outer quilt. To hinder scoring the brass, cover the pliers with tape and unscrew the housing.Push out the depressor and using a paper clip, do away with the old O-rings and rectangular seat. Insert the new O-rings, rectangular seat, and depressor. Exchange the spring, and close the housing. Slide the duvet backon and secure with the snap ring. Uniweld’s EZ-TurnAnti-Blowback fitting has highest working pressure of 800 psi, and is rated for R410a, CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants. So go on, take yourown favourite hose to your neighborhood distributor and put it to the experiment within the EZ-turn challenge. Thanks for gazing. I’m Matt with Uniweld, "nice tools That Go To Work With You".