Solar powered air conditioning

(music enjoying) (Narrator) Over 50 percentage of thegreenhouse fuel emissions you produce to your house are generated by means of heating,air-con and sizzling water. In other phrases keepingyour house warm in winter, cool insummer with quality hot water on faucet is emitting2.5 to five tonnes of greenhouse gasemissions each and every year. It also contributes ahefty amount to your electrical energy bill, between50 to 60 percentage. CSIRO has invented a new solarair conditioning system for Australian houses.This science answer will lower Australias emissions,cut down your vigour expenses and cut back our demandfor electrical power and fuel. If every residence inAustralia set up our sun cooling technologyit will be the equivalent of saving15 mega tonnes of CO2 or taking three.5 millioncars off the avenue. CSIROs solar air conditioningis an progressive three in a single technology that provides hotwater, cooling and heating. It makes use of handiest a fraction ofthe electrical energy of current techniques and halvesgreenhouse gas emissions. The procedure starts with peculiar sun scorching water approach. Water is heated by way of solar panelsand stored in the hot water tank.This solar scorching water canthen be used for the duration of the dwelling, reducing the needfor fuel or electrical energy. A component to the scorching water isdiverted into CSIROs new sunlight air conditioning unit, which isdivided into two cubicles. The sizzling water entersa heat exchanger within the first compartmentof the unit. Similar to a auto radiator the heatexchanger makes use of the sizzling water to warmth external air that hasbeen drawn into the primary compartmentthrough the vent.At the same time outsideair is also being drawn into the second compartmentinto a desiccant wheel. The desiccant wheel is the mostcritical a part of the system. It is used to dry out the airbefore it goes into the condo. Slowly turning thedesiccant fabric in the wheel continuouslyabsorbs moisture within the 2nd compartment andthen the absorbent material dries out inthe first compartment. The desiccant fabric is dried outusing the scorching dry air generated by the warmth exchanger. This air is then exhaustedoutside the dwelling.The dry air from the desiccantwheel flows through an oblique evaporative cooler which createsa circulate of cool dry air. This cool dry air is then fed into thehome in order to settle down the rooms. In iciness the sunlight heated air canbe used straight to heat the condo. CSIROs sunlight coolingsystem is a low emissions substitute to conventionalair conditioning and fuel or electrical powered heating,delivering extra secure homes, reduced energy billsand a cooler planet..

Innovative Solutions in HVAC Design and Efficiency

Good, the units are in and i’mmeeting with the final manager of Johnson Controls, DonAlbinger, to get the down low, up high! Welcome, Don! Hello,Carrie! Thanks for assembly me upon the roof! Best, thank you! Ihope you’re no longer fearful of heights. I’m not! Ok good! Wellthe motive why I wanted you to come back meet me up here is becausewe just mounted our HVAC items and i wanted to investigate these out. But I desired you to inform me moreabout what these are going to do for all people inside? You wager! SoKeri what now we have here today are York rooftop units. And this isone of 5 one-of-a-kind items that providing the air conditioningfor the distance under. However reallywhat’s inside of this unit are contemporary controls, but thosecontrols which are on all these distinct models areinterconnected. We can get datato be shared across the entire distinct units with what’scalled a “clever building hub”. However that wise building huballows us to attach all knowledge through our phone telephones.That entire process is calledVerasys. I certainly want totalk more about that. However Donit’s a little loud up here. Solet’s go inside and speak some more. Nice concept let’s go! Let’sgo! Developing next on OfficeSpaces, Don suggests me learn how to control this complete constructing,all with the touch of button. (track.) (tune.) Don thank you so muchfor coming into the studio. Surely this is a littlebetter for us to have this conversation than up on theroof! Yup, and we made it downsafely! We did, yes we did! AndI’m very excited to talk about Versasys and it is benefits andhow it addresses issues for business house owners and executives.Acouple of matters. Number one isthat in an environment like this or different industrial buildingslike this you know owners are really enthusiastic about theproductivity of their humans inside of those constructions. Ofcourse, yeah. So you have got toalways hold the correct kind of relief so that persons areproductive. Number two isenergy. Having wild temperatureswings and differences in or over air con an area isjust a significant vigor waster. Andwhen you connect the gear in this Verasys technological know-how thatwe have with it’s developed control variety of science thatwe have within each air conditioner, which you can reallymaintain the operational aspects to an exactness that technologycouldn’t earlier than. And numberthree is reliability. The bestair conditioning method that fairly exists in these days is reallyone that you don’t even comprehend is operating! Precisely! It can be there. It’s here. Right, so homeowners arereally involved about name backs or provider calls that arejust needless seeing that the equipment shouldn’t be operatingto specification or the manipulate method isn’t working accurately. Above all in an environmentlike this.And within the studio andthe lights are on, the electronic gear in theediting room is buzzing away, correct? Yeah. And all of thatheat gain can provide lots of challenges for an HVAC systemperspective. And that’s reallythe improvement of where Verasys comes in considering that system isinterconnected, right, and it could keep in touch to each otherand make sure that this building here is constantly balancedproducing alleviation and productivity for the employees. And that’s so predominant. Sowhat makes Verasys truly exact in the market location? Yeah, acouple of things. Quantity onethat the modern day technological know-how set up in these rooftops, aswell as in our sensible constructing hubs is all “plug and play”.There is no programming. Quite? So all of these models getsplugged together, get put in to this centralized little hub,correct, and it all will get communicated without anyprogramming. And a third pointhere with making it particular is that each one of those airconditioners up on the roof all have anything known as “faultdetection and diagnostics”. Iffor some case in future years that a system is commencing tomaybe fail. Ok. Correct? And sothat the owner and or a contractor knows precisely what todo earlier than the system surely starts failing and you’ve got acatastrophic occasion.Being ableto do it ahead of time would rather keep some huge cash andproblems and plenty of rate, sure. Think the studio with ushere and all the lights and the gear and people hereand if the air con just gave out and we had rather of a72 measure environment, an 82 degree atmosphere in just amatter of minutes. If there’s apending quandary, that perhaps coming near this particularbuilding, they are able to see it reside and they are able to see it allaccumulated with the entire specific portions of equipmentthey can get here speedy to repair it speedy before it turns into a realproblem.Undoubtedly, responsetime is so most important. Precisely,so technologies like fault detection and diagnostics enablethem, that understanding, to the clever constructing hub to get rightto your telephone. Right, so as youcan see your situation of the unit not only before they happenbut additionally then enables a carrier contractor to position the rightparts on the truck the first time. I like that! So it’ssaving time, saving cash, making sure you are preemptivelytaking care of problems earlier than they occur. Exactly. That’sphenomenal. That is the worth ofall of this. Definitely! In factyou comprehend what we have, i will show you the sensible constructing hubin action. So Cari here is Mark’soffice and there we go. Andthere are the conditions that he has, so one can find that thesupplied temperature that is 60 degrees there. And here what’scalled the “circle of alleviation” from Mark’s administrative center and all that. We are able to go back and take a lookat the roof high unit up right here and all the one of a kind matters thatare working within that unit.Icould adjust the temperatures up and down all from the gadget! Icould exhibit you any fault detection form of things thatthe models are experiencing correct now which are none. You knowthis is building atmosphere, conditions of theequipment and of the space you are worried in right here, rightnow we’re in right here as well. Andshowing that everything is working accurately. So basicallyyou’re going to avert the hindrance of having one room that is reallyreally bloodless after which yet another room that is rather relatively hotand you can regulate these based on what that area desires. Correct! In view that definitely ifwe’re within the studio it get rather scorching with all of thelights. Proper! I have in no way seenanything like this. It can be prettycool! I find it irresistible. It’s greattechnology..

Uniweld Introduces the EZ Turn™ Anti-Blowback Fitting

Hi Matt here with Uniweld merchandise.I’m excited to speak to you today a few brand new, groundbreaking product that is sure to make your job a whole lot less difficult. That is the EZ-flip Anti-Blowback Hose andwe’re going to position it to the scan correct now in the EZ-turn project! Connecting a service hose to an A/Csystem that is beneath stress is a trouble confronted by way of many of today’s HVACtechnicians. This is exceptionally authentic when working ona R410a approach that may have a head pressure up to 500 psi. Now we have created a demo stand to imitatethis excessive-stress. There’s a nitrogen tank setup torepresent a pressurized A/C approach. The tank is attached to this aluminumblock with 1/four" connections to symbolize the high part entry fittingsfor connecting a provider hose. This gauge indicates that the road ischarged with 500 psi. When connecting a usual hose nut tothe entry becoming, the valve core is depressed and the pressurefrom the process is released spraying harmful refrigerant straight ontothe technician’s hand and oftentimes causing finger burns.This extreme pressure pushesback on the nut and factors a big amount of friction between the threads, making the nut very difficult to completely seatagainst the access fitting and furnish unrestricted go with the flow. Many timespliers are required to show the nut and complete the seal. Mix this excessive pressure with an awkwardlylocated access fitting and you’ve got an actual headache on yourhands. Uniweld merchandise is proud to introduce the solution. When working underneath strain turn to theEZ- flip Anti-Blowback Hose. The EZ- flip fittinghas a thrust bearing to take the force of a enormously pressurized A/C system and cut down friction on the connection. Usingonly two fingers, i will easily tighten the hose nut and completely seat it to the entry fitting.When the EZ-turn hose is hooked up, the inner O-ring will seal in opposition to the access fitting and hinder refrigerant from spraying. As the valve core is depressed, allowingthe technician to charge the method with refrigerant, all of the friction is transferred to asmooth turning ring of chrome steel ball bearings. Thisallows the technician to connect the carrier hose to a pressurized process speedily and with little or no effort. When the EZ-flip hose is disconnected, the spring will close the internalcheck valve, stopping refrigerant spray, and preserving any refrigerant gift inthe hose. Regularly condensing items can be in strange positions and entry fittings can be tough to reach. The EZ-turn was developed with this inmind. The compact design permits it to arrive these tight spots and the deep square knurling and orangeand blue colour band allow for effortless fingertip manipulate.EZ-turn adaptors are also to be had. By using attaching the adaptor to any servicehose with a 1/four" connection you can become it into an EZ-flip hose. EZ-turn adaptors include both straight or 90 connections. The EZ-turn becoming was also engineered for on the job repairs. Over time the aggressive refrigerants and POE oils will deteriorate the rubber gasket and the O-rings and theywill have to get replaced. All inside materials are replaceable andcome in this rebuild package offered individually. The Rebuild package entails a Gasket, 2 O-rings, a square Seat, a Spring, and an Anti-Blowback Depressor. Utilizing snap ring pliers, get rid of the snap ring and slide off the outer quilt. To hinder scoring the brass, cover the pliers with tape and unscrew the housing.Push out the depressor and using a paper clip, do away with the old O-rings and rectangular seat. Insert the new O-rings, rectangular seat, and depressor. Exchange the spring, and close the housing. Slide the duvet backon and secure with the snap ring. Uniweld’s EZ-TurnAnti-Blowback fitting has highest working pressure of 800 psi, and is rated for R410a, CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants. So go on, take yourown favourite hose to your neighborhood distributor and put it to the experiment within the EZ-turn challenge. Thanks for gazing. I’m Matt with Uniweld, "nice tools That Go To Work With You".

Air Conditioning Anywhere?

If any person knows anything about me, My pals, my household, Jack. I don’t wish to be heat. I’m the sort of men I prefer to be as ice I want to maintain the workplace temperature a bit cool I believe like i’m fitting more focused If it will get too hot you get fine alleviation whilst you get rest you are sleepy and take a nap I need to make men like Jack stand on their toes Wandering beside her with a blanket and pillow This thing here can do that rather of you I do not know The … Avauler Or Eva Buller Your accent .Neighborhood .Small Wait what !! The air conditioner sits to your desk No, it does not draw air out of the window. Like a box air conditioner What are you doing ? What is this technological know-how? This sounds exciting to me that you would be able to never get this correct cold i am very pressured and he mentioned i am very bloodless it’s very warm and very old Dr. Seuss can get one at no cost It requires having some water right here do not do this do that We don’t need it energy port, USB cable The precise evaplor beautiful mild Jack’s favorite meal earlier than bed Silica gel Hahaha I see a filter there and a community The fan is on this course duvet the monitor protector this is the water tank Take off Milli this here Micro USB port here I mean, that sounds simple i’m going to go get some water, supply me a 2nd What are you doing these ou they pull down from the top Oh Awo, you’re capable 23.3 What these are the present settings or temperature Ou it can be the wheel right here Now I think the air bloodless air however how ? She’s taking air from in the back of right here There are attractive lights here it is attractive as a water colour that is clearly cold air here are one of the vital science maybe i have found my favorite administrative center accessory When Jack feels cold in his workplace and goes No, I can’t suppose my fingers and that i say astigmatism this will likely even be colder than our air conditioner this can be a genius !! Now it says 23.8 above and 22.2 beneath the first one enters the air and the 2nd exits the air right here it suggests you tips on how to use it good shall we embrace well 30 levels Celsius A scorching day will be 30 degrees Celsius however you will find that you can use it as much as 10 degrees Celsius in some instances The temperature right here is 24.Three Celsius, however it pumps air at 19 degrees Celsius I imply, that is exceptional I simply learned a brand new list here you can see how this wheel rotates here I’ve bought a new list United colors Wow there are various one-of-a-kind colours here This looks like violet pink pink yellow light inexperienced Like blue a further looks like green dark inexperienced it’s like somewhat temper lights I feel that’s wonderful we can exchange the brightness of the colors right here that you would be able to change the measure from Silesian to Fahrenheit When water evaporates, the device tells you right here we are able to do a greater job via cooling the character’s space Making these climates, I don’t know It seems extra efficient at least in theory This room turns into scorching and greater than the opposite room just making a climate

What HVAC Means For Indoor Growers

– hiya guys, this is Nate Storey with BrightAgrotech and at present we will do a fast video on HVAC and what it manner to indoorgrowers. HVAC is heating, air flow, and air-con. What it describes is the systems that takeindoor air circulate it around, deal with it, and both cool it down, warmth it up, or dehumidifyit. Most growers use HVAC someway shape orform. Especially as you get increasingly intensive,HVAC becomes increasingly relevant to the success of your operation.If you are doing an extraordinarily very small setup, youmay get away without utilizing HVAC, however the larger you get, once you start doing CO2 supplementation,whenever you start to truly dehumidify your air particularly aggressively or cool your air becauseyou’ve acquired so many lights. HVAC turns into a important a part of your operation. HVAC is an highly-priced cap ex and it can bea relatively cost operating rate as good. HVAC shouldn’t be low priced certainly as we get moreand extra intensive as we cram extra plants into less area we’ve got extra problems with humidity. We now have more issues with mildew and fungi andall of the style of matters that happen once we just cram a lot of crops collectively.We even have so much much larger cooling costsfor most growing environments. That is just given that once you cram these plantstogether and particularly mild them up, you create various warmness that you just ought to maintain. You recognize, systems vary in satisfactory, and theyvary in fee. Finally they’ll be within a certainrange. Now the big difference in my intellect and in ourminds, is between traditional condenser centered air conditioner methods and water chillers. We tend to move extra toward water coolingthan air cooling. The motive that we do that’s, we like towater cool our lights.It gives us somewhat bit extra manipulate overthe developing environment and we now have determined that we can absolutely run a entire bunch of othertypes of gear on chilled water just a little bit less complicated, extra successfully as a grower,than we are able to with these giant cumbersome air-con techniques. One factor you need to thing about with HVACis your intent to scale and that is anything that you simply must be desirous about if you intendfor your farm to be loads better down the road, than i’d spend money on a higher qualitysystem that may be scaled over time. That you may buy some relatively small low priced options,however those are relatively best dependable or plausible on an awfully small scale so when you intend toget significant, if you wish to make cash, if you need to scale your facility, it’s worthputting apart a budget only for HVAC. Yeah there are plenty of approaches that you may reduceyour HVAC expenditures. The simplest means is to only relyon quite a lot of ventilation if you’re in an field where the air is most often cool sufficient thatyou can cool your facility with external air.Now that introduces all types of other problems,proper. Which you can bring in pests, it is an imperfectsolution on the grounds that normally it can be very scorching external and it can be very scorching inside, however ultimately youknow that’s by way of far the most affordable option to get a few of this work completed. Most people which are fairly critical that wantfine tuned and high phases of manage, have to go over to a industrial HVAC method. Those come to be rather more costly. Now how steeply-priced it is eventually dependson how giant the method is, so the greater the procedure is, the more cost-effective it will get on a per tonbasis. Additionally then the neighborhood installation bills andwe’ve observed these to be very variable throughout the U.S. And internationally. For most growers that you would be able to get into pretty reasonablesystems in case you have a moderately huge setup. One factor that we now have quite checked out is howwe take five and 7 ton chillers and use mixtures of 5 and 7 ton chillersscaled to cool very tremendous facilities effectively. If you have already got a process for heating andcooling, then you definitely sort of already have some stage of rudimentary HVAC.Now the query to ask yourself is whetheryou could get more out of it, if it was an HVAC system that was quite intent builtfor your facility. That implies intent built for air filtration,rationale built for dehumidification, cause constructed around the apparatus that you are walking. If in case you have so many lights for your atmosphere, what kind of BTU’s you are producing and you could measurement your HVAC process correctly. These are the sorts of matters that you reallyneed to be serious about. We find irresistible to do one of the HVAC ourselves orat least scale back the price of HVAC by way of utilizing water chillers to sit back our lights. We will do this typically all in residence andthat reduces our total HVAC fee drastically. Depending in your lighting variety and dependingon your main issue, those fees can be pretty darn high. Peculiarly once you get in to reason builtsystems. However, i would say that many of the timea intent built system is worth it.There are tons of resources available in the market on HVACif you want to gain knowledge of more. There are increasingly more and more of thesebecoming on hand. The first position i might go is to Upstart Universitywe’ve acquired a quality webinar up at Upstart university. I feel it is 10 bucks to entry the webinar. It is usually 10 bucks for a month subscriptionto USU and it can be free through USU so it can be more often than not worth just getting a month subscription toUpstart university and staring at the webinar and then of direction trying out a few of theother resources there.We additionally could have some web publication posts coming outon this area, so we’re going to try to get you the first-rate viable information throughthe blog. Be certain you verify that out. Thank you guys a lot for staring at and asalways please subscribe, subscriptions are how we measure our success. It’s how we measure whether or not what we’re producingis whatever that you simply guys want and whatever that you simply guys want.It’s also a method for us to get you the mosttimely and the quality viable knowledge to you instantly as an alternative of getting to head out andtry and find this crazy stuff on the intertubes. Be certain you tune in, be certain you subscribe,and we will seem ahead to getting a lot more exceptional content material to you sooner or later..

Modern Group and Efficiency Mechanical on Air Conditioning MGTV Episode 2

Hello i’m Cindy Christie and you are watchingMGTV. In this episode we’re gonna study aboutindoor air first-rate and why it can be such an predominant a part of the modern staff’sperformance build method. In assembling a successful staff, it is vitalto the ultra-modern crew that their properties are not most effective vigor-effective but they are are also cozy to livein and healthful too. Partnering with experts to make suretheir home owners receive the very best is necessary to the modern crew’s RDHendrickson. And in designing the superb in-homeenvironment, efficiency Mechanical is on the high of his record. Constructing astrong group is at the core what we do here on the trendy group. Our strengths come from our outstandingpartner that add a stage of competencies that our consumers each become aware of and admire. This synergy is what’sallowed us to set our pursuits so excessive. One in all our key partners is EfficiencyMechanical who takes care the properties atmosphere. I’ve worked with Troy cook for many years and he and his team arehuge a part of our efficiency building method.The challenges you have got with an energyefficient condominium and an extraordinarily tight condominium when it’s sealed and foamed on the roofdeck is the fact that you haven’t any air trade, so thatair may be very, very stale. So what we did the Ash task is two fold. We absolutely have air coming from theoutside being exchanged so you constantly have fresh air coming into the house and you’ve got stale air being exhausted. With the air that’s being brought in, we even have an air provider/air purifierthat’s washing and cleansing all of the interiorair on top of that, so you’ve got the freshestand cleanest air you can with very excessive effectivity and a sealed envelope. The buildingenvelope is the most important thing within the apartment if in case you have heat that will get into the drywall you’re finished. There’s nothing you are able to do, you are not gonna discontinue it.You’re placing more effective equipmentin but your consistently overcoming that so your airconditioning load your tonnage of air-con has tobe increasingly and extra. We fairly constrained our amount of airconditioning we wanted considering that the constitution is so effective. We alsohave zone dampers in there so each room has its possess separate manipulate.You can be able to manage something room inside that house at 75 or if someone needs it at seventy eight, you are able to do that. At effectivity Mechanical and ModernGroup what we quite care about is remedy, wewant our customers to be at ease. Because you’ve got a true variable-speedunit the unit is running always but it surely’s runningat this kind of small kilowatt usage that you do not even know it’s on. Soyour alleviation is maintained continuously. As far as external air infiltration that ties in to relief aswell. You wish to have your air to be easy and youwant it to be as cool and as comfy as you want it to be. So that you would not have temperature swings atall with the service inexperienced speed.The purpose that is important to get thestructure sealed and put probably the most efficient gear inis it can pay for itself. Air conditioning and insulation are theonly two matters in a house that pay for themselves at any time when. Utilising andinstalling top-tier products is best the you have to ensure they are operatingat their peak for highest comfort too. For this, the latest crew turns to their go to performance consultant Earthwise building Science team. Right here’sShawn Mullins to tell us more. Looking again, when I first becameinvolved with RD and today’s crew probably the most matters I used to be pleased as aconsultant and verifier to search out used to be they already had numerous the basics down. They knew about tight building envelope they knew about waterproof barriersthey’ve been enforcing specific types of building envelopes andkeeping it back inside conditioned house for relatively awhile. Those forms of things particularly lend themselves to a tightenergy-efficient cozy dwelling with fairly excellent indoor air quality. It’simportant from a advisor and a verifier perspective as good as from the homeowner standpoint to be equipped to experiment for one-of-a-kind phases of performanceso that we will actually validate how a home is performing sowhen a customer wishes to grasp what do they assume the vigor bill are going to be we are able to inform them.Should you don’t do thediagnostic testing and performance all that you may say is it can be higher thanmaybe a commonplace house however you can not quantify it. The quantifying side on that involvesdoing blower door checking out where we’re genuinely measuring the amount of air infiltration doing some duct testing we’re measuringthe quantity of duct leakage that is in the home and then definitely visual inspections werewe’re making sure that detailed accessories are there. Cutting-edge workforce is doing pleasant and onethings that they may be imposing is even throughout the development of the constructing we’re doing some quality testing just to make sure that they are on the correct track and once we do the ultimate experiment is goingto be the place we want to be. That is it for this time. Be certain to checkout ModernGroupTV.Com for all the latest understanding on the trendy team and their group of professionals. I’m Cindy Christie and i will see you next time on MGTV. Good well in and.

HVAC Design, Understanding Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Systems

As we move along the path to a Net Zero Energy Building, we can vastly lower our energy demand using passive strategies. But it may not be enough. If you cant entirely achieve thermal comfort passively, youll need to make up the difference with active HVAC systems. People’s thermal comfort mainly depends on temperature and humidity. When outside air is too hot or too cold, or the humidity is too low or too high, youll have to condition the outside air as you bring it into the building. Of course, people also need fresh air.And air circulation plays a key role in thermal comfort too. Moving air can help people feel cooler, even if the temperature is higher. But you can also use other forms of heat transfer besides air to improve efficiency. Radiant floors, panels or beams are usually heated or cooled by liquid; then they radiate energy directly to people and objects, avoiding the need to heat or cool all the air in the space. No matter what equipment you use, you want to size it correctly and choose components with the highest energy efficiency ratings. For instance, heat pumps are rated by Coefficient of Performance, or COP.It’s the amount of heat energy moved, divided by the energy used to move it. Its also important to optimize the whole system, and not just its parts. For example, don’t throw away the energy you already spent heating or cooling the inside air when you bring in fresh air. Heat exchanging systems can recover that heat, coolness, or even humidity before the airs exhausted. And remember, the better controls and feedback you have, the more you can save energy while still keeping people comfortable, as both the weather and the building use changes.So keep looking for passive strategies… Those will get you a long way on your path to Net Zero Energy Buildings. But smart active strategies are often needed to get you all the way there. Its the combination of the two that makes Net Zero Energy Buildings achievable!.

HVAC Engineering Technology program (HET) at CLC

Our HET program is designed to teach thestudents anything dealing with heating, cooling, ventilation or airconditioning. We have high school students coming in, and we have peoplecoming into our program to change careers. They will start out with verybasic circuits, working with series, and parallel type circuits, and then work upinto a complete heating cooling system. The skills they can build up and leadinto can be anywhere from very basic, from working on houses to working inindustrial buildings. We have very high tech equipment from high efficiencyheating and cooling units. Wireless digital type controls. So they’re gettinghands-on experience as they would find in the field. What they love of ourprogram is the hands-on portions of it. Not many schools in the country havewhat we have here.One of the greatest things about the HVAC program is thatit’s a growing field. People can come in to field and expect to leave with the skillsto be able to make an income, they could take care of family. Our tuition isextremely low and most our instructors have over 20 years in experience. Theway our program is built is that we have stackable certificates and each one ofthose certificates will step right into a AAS degree.If I could say one wordabout this career, it would be life-changing..

eLearning Module: DriveWizard HVAC – Tools

Hi, I’m Paul Avery I’m a Product Training Engineer with Yaskawa’s Technical Training Services This video explains how to utilize DriveWizard HVAC ‘s Application Wizard and the Convert Project Tool. Under the Tools tab in DriveWizard HVAC you will find the Application Wizard. The Application Wizard will step a user through the drive setup process by asking them a series of relevant questions and then configuring the proper parameters automatically. It can be very helpful for people that are either intimidated by the breadth of parameters in the average drive or people that want to make mostly typical adjustments for their application and want them all put in one place.Now if you have already changed any parameters in your drive when the Start button is clicked you will receive a message asking if you would like to initialize the drive or not either click Yes to start out with a clean slate or select No to leave the existing Modify Parameters alone Using the Wizard as a Simple Task instead of looking at a long list of parameters and numbers the Wizard breaks down setup into simple steps. Parameter settings have drop-down menus and also helpful descriptions. Additionally, there are graphics to give you a better understanding of how you might need to set up a particular function. Once you reach the end of the Wizard there is an option to save the parameters to the Active Project only or to write them to the Connected Drive as well as save them to the project.At this point the Wizard prompts you to perform an Auto-tune. Auto-tuning is only an option and is not required. There is also a Convert Project Tool available in DriveWizard HVAC. This tool can convert an older generation project file to the 1000 generation equivalent automatically. Throw out that pen and paper because this tool makes updating legacy applications easier! The tool will automatically select a new model number based on what the old drive was so be sure that the correct new drive is selected before converting the project.Click the Go button and the process will start. At the end of the conversion you can view a Conversion Log which will list the Parameters and Settings that have been converted. After reviewing the Log, transfer the Parameters to the project and all you have left is to write the Project File to the new drive. If you have any questions about the information presented in this eLearning Module please feel free to contact Yaskawa’s Technical Support Group either by phone, email or via our website.Thank you! you.

Johnson Controls reinvents the thermostat

(soothing music) – [Narrator] The spaces weinhabit impact our lives every moment of every day. As humans, what surrounds us defines us. Our productivity, our creativity, our happiness. So shouldn’t our spaces be regulated with something just asversatile as we are? GLAS is a thermostat that moves with us. Its daily reporting provides the insights needed to create the perfect atmosphere for your business, your home, the places you want to visit, the places you need to visit. GLAS knows when you’re in theroom, and when you’re not. GLAS constantly monitors indoor and outdoor air quality and intelligently changes its settings making it capable of providing leading energy savings. And what’s behind the innovation? Microsoft and Johnson Controls. With Windows IoT core,Cortana voice activation and Microsoft Azure, GLAS isbuilt on Microsoft technology and brought to life by Johnson Controls. The beautiful combination oftechnology and aesthetics, GLAS was designed to make our spaces ours. Johnson Controls redefined the thermostat. Microsoft redefined the possibilities..