Birth Control Without Parental Consent: My Thoughts

Birth Control Without Parental Consent: My Thoughts

This topic is very hard for me to give one solid answer on. I do not have a child yet. Perhaps my thoughts will change when I have one. I seriously doubt it, but you never know. That being said, instead of me giving one single opinion on whether minors should be given parental control without parental consent, I will just provide some random thoughts that I have.

Considering the fact that birth control is a prescribed drug, I definitely think that parents should be notified whenever their child has been given birth control, regardless of whether consent is required. If I had a child, I would want to know what was going into his or her body, whether I had the legal right to approve of it or not. You never know how someone’s body is going to respond to a particular medication. I think that being aware of what my child is taking is important, despite my personal views.

As far as providing consent is concerned, I can see why some parents would want to have to give their consent, but I could see the dangers of a minor being forced to have parental consent. Like I said, I think that parents should be notified, but I don’t think that minors should be denied birth control just because their parents do not think that they should be on it. There are multiple reasons why a parent may not want their child to be on birth control, and a lot of those reasons are personal to the parent; not the child. If the reason does not have to do with the child’s body having a negative adverse reaction to birth control, I am not sure what other reason a parent could have other than a moral reason. I understand that their morality may be important to them – mine is important to me. However, that is not a rational reason to stop a minor from getting birth control.

I don’t care about the minors right to privacy. If a minor is being fed, clothed, and taken care of by his or her parents, I think that parents have every right to invade their privacy – especially if the parent has made it abundantly clear that he or she does not want their child being sexually active while in his or her home. That being said, if a minor does decide to become sexually active, I think that she or he should have the right to protect his or her self, with the parents being made aware of what is going on. What do you guys think? Any thoughts, opinions? Leave a comment down below and share!

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